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Factory Sale 4 inch twin central locking casters



Product Name:Factory Sale 4 inch twin central locking casters

Wheel frame use high quality Poly-amide

Wheel tread adopt German origin PU material — Very durable

Wheel size:Ø100 x 65mm wide

Turning radius:29mm

Lock stem option: Ø32x50mm,Ø28 x 95mm

Dramatic Load capacity: 125kg/PC

Static load capacity:150kg/PC

Lock functional: Free,Total Lock,Direction Lock

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Height Lock Stem Loading
NSCLCTPRS-5 Ø100x65mm PA+PU Ball Bearing 129mm Ø32x50mm 110 kg

Central-locking brake design has very positive swivel lock – operates independently of the wheel brake, reducing wear and tendency to ratchet. Wheel brake can be applied dynamically without damage to mechanism. Factory-set mechanism, maintenance-free for the life of the caster.

The Applications of 4 inch twin central locking casters

An example of use: Hospital beds can be equipped with a locking system that acts on all four swivel castors simultaneously. The castors are released or locked by a pedal. It is also possible to fix two castors in the straight-ahead position to make it easier to push the bed in a straight line. The lock can be operated from both sides of the bed.

As a general rule, central locking is recommended in all situations where it is important to be able to fix the equipment securely in a stationary position and to operate the locking system quickly, easily and reliably. In addition to hospital beds, waste containers are another typical type of application. We will be happy to discuss whether a central locking system is worthwhile for your application.


Benefits of 4 inch twin central locking casters

Different hospitals have different practices as to which end of the bed/trolley they push. Some prefer the patient’s head to lead while some prefer their feet to lead. In these notes the leading end is the opposite end to that you will push. This minimises twisting of the pusher’s spine(OH&S issue) and gives maximum leverage on the bed. Different makers of castors can have small variations, but the way Fallshaw castors work (shown below) is common to most makes.Different brake operation levers are available. The most commonly found types are mounted at the side if the bed, and the notes below apply to them. Some newer beds have them fitted at the end so the attendant can use them from the pushing end. These are normally clearly marked so you can see the effect of pushing any lever.

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About huanxin caster wheels company

Huanxin caster wheels specialized in manufacture caster wheels,Our main business scope involved

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Trolley caster: widely used on super market trolley caster wheel,and home furniture cart casters

Shock absorbing casters:Popular used as electric equipment caster,and high precision devices,which need avoid shocking.

Low profile casters; Mostly used as machine casters,and industrial trolley.

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For many years development we have develop more than 2000 series caster wheels,And we are proud of our quality.

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