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100mm double central locking casters

Hospital bed casters with central locking

Hospital bed casters with central locking

The central locking casters are designed to meet the requirements of hospitals and are characterized by their lightweight operation, flexible steering, ultra-quiet performance, high wear resistance, anti-tangling properties, and resistance to chemical corrosion.

The casters are equipped with rotating wheels with central lock, full lock or directional lock, which are suitable for medical equipment. At the same time, the caster is designed as a silent caster, which reduces the noise generated during the pushing process and affects the patient’s rest.

We offer the option to install one or two direction lock casters on beds, allowing the bed to move in a straight line when in the designated direction. Additionally, our medical central control casters are designed to minimize vibration during movement and can be easily secured to the bed using a fixing bolt.

In generally the medical central control casters mostly use single wheel or double wheels design, which can be controlled at 360 degrees without blind spots. The main frame universal steering house adopts high quality precision ball bearings to enhance the flexible turning of the central control casters.

For the lock system, we use direct press contact brake on single wheel central locking casters, And adopt Gear lock on twin wheels central lock casters which is much more easy & less force than single wheel locking design.

Our casters are made with a PA hub and wheels made from high-quality polyurethane materials sourced from Germany. This material is known for its excellent wear-resistance, impact-resistance, and ability to withstand heavy loads, making it an ideal choice for prolonging the lifespan of our casters.



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