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Medical casters: highest quality standards and their features

Medical casters : highest quality standards and their features


Hospitals and clinical environments are highly sensitive and there is no room for compromise in medical equipment. Casters, especially those attached to movable items such as beds, chairs, carts, and trolleys, are an important factor. The Medical Caster has been specifically designed for use in a clinical environment and meets the following high standards:

Comfort and stability


At Medical Casters, patient comfort is our number one priority. Dual-wheel casters are common because they are durable and can handle heavy loads to prevent tipping. It also has shock absorption, minimizing the impact caused by uneven floors.


Medical Bed Casters

Long-term durability


Healthcare facilities should avoid frequent replacements and repairs. Therefore, medical casters must have adequate load-bearing capacity to prevent buckling due to patient load or pressure from other equipment.

Floor friendly


Medical casters should roll smoothly on all types of floors. They are generally made from stainless steel or premium nylon for durability and minimal maintenance.


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Patient Safety and Hygiene


Medical casters may be sterile coated. This prevents cross-infection between hospital rooms. Casters, especially those used for equipment such as IV poles, are designed to allow smooth movement without patient discomfort.


Noiseless and Smooth Movement


Quiet and smooth movement is important to doctors and other patients. A noiseless medical caster can improve the concentration of doctors and avoid unnecessary nuisance to patients.


Ergonomic Design


Medical casters are designed to minimize operator strain. It is important to be able to move smoothly and effortlessly.


Easy maintenance


Medical casters should be easy to clean and maintain. Hospital environments demand cleanliness, but regular cleaning and maintenance are required to keep casters from becoming dirty or broken.


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