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why few factories producing 6inch casters?

why few factories producing 6inch casters?

The 6 inch size of medical casters is an important part of medical equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs and stretchers. But why are so few factories producing such casters?

First, the medical sector tends to standardize caster sizes based on existing supply chains and market demand. Currently, 4.5″ and 8″ medical casters are most commonly used. Demand for 6-inch medical casters is limited as manufacturers try to ensure profitability by investing in the production of high-demand casters.

There are also technical challenges in manufacturing 6-inch medical casters. Medical casters are not easy products to manufacture and require a high degree of precision and expertise. Six-inch casters require more complex components and higher precision than smaller casters, making the manufacturing process more complicated.

Additionally, 6-inch medical casters are not yet widely available, limiting demand. This can make it financially difficult for factories to invest in the specialized tools and equipment needed to produce six-inch casters.

For the above reasons, there are currently few factories producing 6-inch medical casters. However, the demand for 6-inch medical casters may increase in the future. It is also possible that factories will start mass production in response to increased demand.

Recently, various sizes of medical casters have been developed, such as Ø75mm, Ø100mm, Ø125mm and Ø150mm. This gives customers options to meet their demands. Specifications such as load capacity and bearing type are also considered.

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