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24*1 Wheelchair Rear Wheel with Aluminum Hub Sport Wheelchair


24*1 Wheelchair Rear Wheel with Aluminum Hub Sport Wheelchair

24inch wheelchair wheels
Material: Aluminum alloy rim with PU tread
Size: 24Inch x 1-3/8Inch
Purpose: Wheelchair rear wheels

There are have three types wheelchair wheels: solid wheelchair wheels, inflatable wheelchair tyre and tubeless wheelchair tyres

The solid wheelchair wheels walks faster on flat ground,it’s won’t air leak and not easy to push, but it vibrates greatly on uneven road, and it is not easy to pull out when it is stuck in the ditch with the same width as the tire.

The inflatable wheelchair tyre with inflatable inner tube is difficult to push and also easy to puncture, but the vibration is smaller than the solid type comfortable to sit up.

The tubeless wheelchair tyres without inner tube even if punctured the tyre will not leak air quickly. And the inner part is also inflated and comfortable to sit up, but it is more difficult to push than the solid type.

We provide many size of wheelchair wheels with fork assembly and wheelchair rear wheels.

For wheelchair front caster wheels,we have Ø125mm,Ø150mm,Ø178mm,Ø200mm,Ø245mm wheel,all of these are PU foamed wheels which can match nylon or aluminum fork. For the mount top we use match M12 x 25 thread for nylon fork,and M12 x 65 bolt for aluminum fork mount top.

About the wheelchair rear wheels, we have 20”,22” and 24” three size.According to clients demand.

* For Wheel hub we can match Nylon wheel hub or Steel wire hub.

* For Wheel hand rim we can match aluminum rim,plastic rim,and steel rim

* For tire both solid PU wheel and Pneumatic wheel are available

Beside of this we also can help match quick release pin. With us we can provide one stop shop.

Our Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair
 range in size from 3/4″ to 1-7/8″. You can also select your wheel size, wheel type, and caster options to fit you specific need. Click here Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair


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