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IV Pole Replacement Casters with Brake


IV Pole Replacement Casters with Brake

Iv pole casters
Material: PP core with TPR wheel
Size:Ø75 x 22mm ; Ø100 x 30mm
Load Capacity:45kg,60kg
Bearing:Ball Bearing

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Thread Height Loading
P90TB-3 75 x 22 PP + TPR Ball Bearing M12 x 25 118 40 kg
P90TB-4 100 x 30 PP + TPR Ball Bearing M12 x 25 153 60 kg

What is wrong with other IV pole casters?

IV Pole casters, especially those with the black nylon plastic casters, commonly suffer from these problems:

They do not move easily
They leave marks on the floor
Worse, the plastic wheels scuff and scratch the floor
They are noisy
They get tangled with hair and thread. The wheels are not removable and cannot be repaired or replaced.
Why choose Huanxin medical Casters IV Pole casters?

Our own IV Pole casters. Our casters are designed to address all the common problems. Our IV Pole casters:

MOVE EASILY. Our IV Pole casters are built with two raceways and two sets of hardened ball bearings. Your nylon casters don’t have any swivel bearings.
are FLOOR FRIENDLY. Our IV Pole casters are made with a special non-marking light gray rubber that will NOT mark the floor.
are SCUFF-PROOF. Our IV pole casters are made with semi-elastic rubber which soft and will not scuff the floors.
are QUIET. Because the IV Pole casters have hardened steel bearings and soft rubber wheels, they move easily and quietly.
have optional THREADGUARDS. Some of our IV pole casters have optional threadguards to keep out hair, thread, and strings. This helps to keep the axle clear and free moving. In the instance that a thread did reach the axle, our better wheels and casters can easily be removed and the axle can be cleared of any debris.
Huanxin medical Casters & Supplies IV pole casters are designed and manufactured specifically for IV pole casters in hospitals and nursing homes. They will roll easily on common medical floor materials such as carpet, tile, hardwood, or linoleum.

Use our IV pole casters and you will feel like you have new equipment! We can provide any style you like: single wheel, twin wheel, hooded, hard tread, soft tread, or any other style. Just tell us what you prefer!

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