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Single Wheel Central Brake Casters for First Aid Stretcher


Single Wheel Central Brake Casters for First Aid Stretcher

Single wheel central brake casters
Material: PA core,PU wheel,Nylon cover
Size:125x32mm ; 150x32mm ; 200x34mm
Bearing: Ball Bearing
Central lock:Ø28mm ,Ø32mm
Lock degree:30 degree and 45 degree


Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Height Lock Stem Loading
SCLCSWL-5 125 x 32 PU Ball Bearing 166 Ø32 x 50 120 kg
SCLCSWL-6 150 x 32 PU Ball Bearing 189 Ø32 x 50 150 kg
SCLCSWL-8 200 x 34 PU Ball Bearing 240 Ø32 x 50 180 kg


For Double central locking casters in past some years we only have 5 inch and 6 inch. Now in order to meet variety demand of clients we have developed 4 inch twin wheels central locking casters.

Our 100mm twin central locking casters are designed with the same precision and attention to detail as our 5 inch and 6 inch caster series, making them an ideal choice for medical trolleys.

Featuring a sleek design and PA hub with Germany-sourced PU tread material, these casters are engineered for maximum reliability and durability.

Our double central locking casters are primarily used in medical trolley and medical chair applications, and we pride ourselves on producing top-quality casters at competitive prices.

Key features of our central locking casters include precision ball bearings in both the swivel head and wheel, a wheel center made of high-quality polyamide, and a tread made of German-origin TPU material from Bayer Desmopan. The caster frame is constructed from 3mm-thick pressed steel, and we use metal components for the key elements of our central locking system.

Our goal is to produce central locking casters in highest quality, we focous on the stability, longevity, and outstanding performance. We take great pride in the quality of our products and are committed to ensuring our customers enjoy the best possible experience with our casters.

At current we have two series of central locking casters wheels

1.Single wheel Central locking casters.we have Ø125mm, Ø150mm and Ø200mm

2.Double wheels central locking casters.we have Ø100mm, Ø125mm and Ø150mm

For double wheel central locking casters
For double wheel central locking casters

Both series can be with Ø32 x 50mm stem or Ø28 x 97.5mm Stem.With 30 or 45 degree lock cam. And user have to check lock pedal to see when lock pedal on balance/neutral position the hex hole angle is same as A or B angle….. Then select the correct lock cam degree casters accordingly.

——-Lock cam angle on Balance /Neutral position.

How to select central locking caster wheels lock?

As we know One bed will have 4 pc casters.How to match central locking caster wheels? Before talk about this we should know the difference of central lock.At current we have 3 type of locks.

* 2 step 30/45 degree Lock Cam–With x1 Neutral + x1 Total Locking =A

* 3 step 30/45 degree Lock Cam–With x2 Neutral + x1 Total Locking =B

* 3 step 30/45 degree Lock Cam–With x1 Neutral + x1 Direction lock + x1 Total Locking=C

The alignment of ONE bed of central locking casters need follow below 3 options.

1: 4 pc x A

2: 2 pc x B + 2 pc x C

3: 3 pc x B + 1 pc x C

4 :4 pc x C cannot work on ONE bed


There are two standard sizes for the central lock stem: Ø32mm x 50mm and Ø28mm x 98.5mm. Whether you are looking to purchase central brake casters for replacement or to build a new bed, please ensure that you follow the above instructions and select the appropriate size for your needs.

Why choose our central locking caster wheels ?

Our central locking caster wheels series boasts the same high quality as some of the world’s most renowned caster brands. While many companies may claim to offer superior quality, we are confident that our clients will appreciate the exceptional quality and design of our products after seeing and testing our samples.

Our Central Locking Casters range in size from 3/4″ to 1-7/8″. You can also select your wheel size, wheel type, and caster options to fit you specific need. Click here Central Locking Casters


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