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Phenolic Caster Wheels for Hospital Bed Stretcher Casters


Phenolic Caster Wheels for Hospital Bed Stretcher Casters

Wheel Material:TPR,PA
Size:3” x 32mm ; 4” x 32mm ; 5” x 32mm
Loading Capacity:80kg-100kg
Bearing Type:Single Ball Bearing
Type Optional: Plate Swivel,Thread Swivel,Stem Swivel,Bolt Hole
Widely used as hospital bed caster,Medical trolley caster,stretcher chair wheel

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount
LN51BSB-3 75 x 32 TPR Ball Bearing 94 x 64 75 x 45
LN51BSB-4 100 x 32 TPR Ball Bearing 94 x 64 75 x 45
LN51BSB-5 125 x 32 TPR Ball Bearing 94 x 64 75 x 45
Caster No. Height Bolt Hole Thread Stem Loading
LN51BSB-3 118 12 M12 x 25 23.5 80 kg
LN51BSB-4 138 12 M12 x 25 23.5 90 kg
LN51BSB-5 165 12 M12 x 25 23.5 100 kg

Full plastic medical casters are maintenance-free casters made of glass-filled nylon. This gives extra durability and strength to the caster. Next Generation casters are resistant to most chemicals. Precision bearings are insert-molded into the sealed raceway, providing a worry-free, smooth and quiet operation. Wheels include full thread guards to reduce debris entanglement. Recessed axles are covered with plastic caps

Made of phenolic resin and macerated canvas, phenolic wheels are are a common commodity-choice intended primarily for push/pull applications. Phenolic wheels are hard, and make movement easier, while resisting oil and other chemicals.

The benefits of phenolics include:

• Economically priced
• Resistant to extreme temperatures
• High weight capacities
• Resistant to oils, greases and some liquids

These wheels are recommended for hard flooring , but are not recommended for wet environments*, or for areas where lots of debris is present. Not recommended for towing at high speeds or for use on poor floors.

*When a phenolic caster wheel becomes chipped on impact and gets exposed to moisture, it becomes a sponge. The shape of the phenolic caster wheel will expand and deform, rendering the caster wheel ineffective.

Phenolic caster wheels are composed of phenolic resin material that is backed by macerated fabrics with a dense consistency throughout. These wheels endure impact well and are also resistant to grease, oil and most other chemicals. Our phenolic wheels are manufactured here in the USA and come standard with heavy duty, all metal roller bearings. Our swivel phenolic casters feature double ball bearing raceways on rigs and all rigs are operable from -40 to 180ºF. These phenolic casters are proudly assembled in the USA.


Our Healthcare / Nursing Bed Caster range in size from 3/4″ to 1-7/8″. You can also select your wheel size, wheel type, and caster options to fit you specific need. Click here Healthcare / Nursing Bed Caster


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