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Plastic Medical Caster Swivel Bolt Hole Wheel Nursing Bed Caster


Plastic Medical Caster Swivel Bolt Hole Wheel Nursing Bed Caster

Hospital bed castors
Wheel size: Ø75 x 24mm,Ø100 x 32mm,Ø125 x 32mm
Material: Nylon fork with TPR tread
Load weight: 60kg,100kg,110kg
With precision ball bearing
Feature: Low noise,smooth moving
Purpose: For Hospital bed,medical cart.

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Bolt Hole Height Loading
YP98BS-3 75 x 24 PA + TPR Ball Bearing 12.3 115 60 kg
YP98BS-4 100 x 32 PA + TPR Ball Bearing 12.3 140.5 100 kg
YP98BS-5 125 x 32 PA + TPR Ball Bearing 12.3 165.5 110 kg

Plastic Hospital bed wheels – the hygienic choice

Our Full Plastic Hospital bed wheels are incredibly versatile and possess excellent universal material properties, making them suitable for use in a wide range of industries. They are particularly well-suited for transportation tasks in the pharmaceutical or food industry, as they meet the highest hygiene requirements. Casters of this type are constructed entirely of plastic, with the fork made of nylon and the wheel made of PP core and TPR tread. With a running surface made of thermoplastic rubber and ball bearings in the fork head, these casters enable uncomplicated and flexible maneuvering. The rubber bandage offers low rolling resistance and high abrasion resistance, providing practical advantages. Our plastic Hospital bed wheels can transport goods weighing between 60-110 kg per wheel, ensuring safe, reliable and problem-free transportation.

A wide range of applications are conceivable with plastic Hospital bed wheels

The plastic Hospital bed wheels are available from us in a wide variety of designs, so that you will find the right caster in our range for every application. Different models are available as different types, from simple swivel castors, swivel castors with a total locking device to swivel castors with a directional and total locking device. In this way it is possible to implement various steering and stop functions, depending on individual requirements. The anti-static design of the plastic casters is the optimum solution in all areas that require electrical conductivity.

Uncomplicated and quick cleaning and fastening of the plastic Hospital bed wheels

In addition to being highly maneuverable, Plastic Hospital bed wheels offer optimal hygienic properties, making them ideal for use in the healthcare and food sectors, as well as in other industries where thorough cleaning and maximum hygiene are essential. The advantage of these casters is that both the fork and wheel are made of plastic and rubber. Metal components are also available in stainless steel or chrome plated, making the casters easy to clean and disinfect without wasting time, yet remaining highly efficient.

They are used on various transportation goods, apparatus, and hospital beds. As different areas of application may require different types of fastening, our range offers various possibilities, from center hole, pins, and plates to expanding sleeve or expander fastening. This flexibility allows for easy and efficient use in a variety of settings.

Plastic Hospital bed wheels Your reliable partner for transport solutions

As an innovative caster manufacturer we have been working for you for many years. Our field of activity includes the transport of equipment, furniture or other goods. Since the requirements for transport vary from industry to industry, our product range offers a wide and extensive selection of different casters and wheels. In addition, you will find detailed information and a product guide to assist you in the correct application and selection of the right product.

Also individual productions according to customer specifications are no problem for us. Would you like the professional support of our experts and would you like us to help you choose the right plastic Hospital bed wheels Contact us – we will answer your questions competently and goal-oriented.

Our Bolt Hole Casters range in size from 3/4″ to 1-7/8″. You can also select your wheel size, wheel type, and caster options to fit you specific need. Click here Bolt Hole Casters

More informtion about Anti-Static Wheels.

Anti-Static Wheels.

Anti-Static Wheels

Anti-Static Wheels

Durometer: Depends on Wheel Material(s)

Minimum Temperature: Depends on Wheel Material(s)

Maximum Temperature: Depends on Wheel Material(s)

Available Bearings: Pedestal Precision Ball, Roller


Anti-static, or conductive, caster wheels are used in applications where the buildup of static electricity in the wheel is a concern. The little shock received from touching a metal object with static buildup can turn into a large issue if you are moving medical or electronic equipment. Anti-static wheels solve this issue by either preventing the buildup of static or by transferring the static into the ground with each rotation. However, they must be installed correctly to work. Colson has a part of its Performa product line that features anti-static caster wheels.

What are anti static castors?

In an environment where you want to prevent the build up of static, anti static castors are the best solution. The electrically conductive rubber wheels are housed in either a top plate castor or a bolt hole castor and can be supplied in a variety… Anti Static Castors 3360 Series. 100mm to 200mm.

What is anti static wheels?

Anti-Static Wheels can help prevent electro-static charges building up when transporting goods or items, ensuring operators stay safe. • Wheel diameter from 100mm up to 200mm. • Ball bearing option only. • Conductivity resistance R≤ 50 Mega Ohm.

What is the best caster for rough surfaces?

Types of Caster Wheels | Caster Connection



Polyurethane wheels possess an unmatched durability by a rubber tread wheels and are engineered to withstand permanent flat spots in the tread, which provides a smooth ride over rough surfaces. Polyurethane resists most chemicals, oils and rejects floor debris.

What is difference between polyurethane and rubber casters?

As rubber casters are used, they will lose pieces of tread over time, whereas polyurethane casters tend to have much higher levels of resistance to wear and abrasion. Under controlled tests, polyurethane caster wheels can last up to three times longer than rubber caster wheels.

Next Generation Antistatic Archives

Next Generation casters are maintenance-free casters made of glass-filled nylon. This gives extra durability and strength to the caster.

Next Generation casters are maintenance-free casters made of glass-filled nylon. This gives extra durability and strength to the caster. Next Generation casters are resistant to most chemicals. Precision bearings are insert-molded into the sealed raceway, providing a worry-free, smooth and quiet operation. Wheels include full thread guards to reduce debris entanglement. Recessed axles are covered with plastic caps. Antistatic option provides additional antistatic properties to help reduce the chance of electrostatic discharge.

Static Control Casters

Choose from our selection of static control casters in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship.

Anti Static Caster Wheels Stainless Steel Swivel and Brake

Directional locking swivel casters made with polished stainless steel. Easy to steer. Great for case carts, hospital equipment, medical equipment,

Antistatic models can help protect equipment.

304 Stainless Steel, Polished

Dual Ball Swivel Raceways for added strength

Total Lock Brake models lock both swivel and wheel rotation

Directional Lock Brake models lock swivel only (helps with steering)

Precision ball bearings in wheels for easier roll-ability

Wheels have full thread guards for added protection

Electrically conductive and antistatic wheel and castor series

A wheel or a castor is regarded as having antistatic properties if its ohmic resistance does not exceed 107Ω. To meet these requirements, Blickle tests the

Electrically conductive and antistatic wheel and castor series

providing protection against electrostatic discharge

Elektrisch leitfähige und antistatische Räder & Rollenserien

Electrically conductive wheels and antistatic wheels and castors are used in almost every industrial setting, from medical engineering, electrical and semi-conductor industries to the automotive industry, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and other chemical industrial sectors. These wheels and castors are used everywhere protection against electrostatic discharge is required. Operators and sensitive goods are particularly susceptible to the electrostatic discharge that can be generated by transport units or by transported goods. ESD wheels and castors can be used to prevent these discharges. A wheel or a castor is regarded as electrically conductive if its ohmic resistance does not exceed 104 Ω. These wheels and castors have the product code suffix -EL or -ELS. A wheel or a castor is regarded as having antistatic properties if its ohmic resistance does not exceed 107Ω. To meet these requirements, Blickle tests the wheels and castors on a special test bench in line with DIN EN 12527. Measurements are taken at three different points on the tread of the wheel to ensure that electrostatic potential can be safely dissipated, even in critical applications. Blickle provides a total of 12 different series with an antistatic or electrically conductive version to meet a variety of requirements. These series use rubber, synthetic, metal, cast iron or polyurethane treads. More information about conductivity and the treads used by the wheels is available in our guide.



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