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Swivel Twin Medical Casters With Bolt Hole For Infusion Chair


Swivel Twin Medical Casters With Bolt Hole For Infusion Chair

Twin medical casters

Twin medical casters 

Caster with high strength Poly-amide frame

Wheel with high quality Polyurethane

With Precision Ball Bearings

Anti-winding design

With Total lock

Easy to wash


Can match thread stem

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Bolt Hole Thread Height Loading
SHTWBSB-3 75 x 60 PA + PU Ball Bearing / M12 x 25 89 80 kg
SHTWBSB-4 100 x 60 PA + PU Ball Bearing 12.4 M12 x 25 113 100 kg
SHTWBSB-5 125 x 80 PA + PU Ball Bearing 12.4 M12 x 25 138.5 120 kg

Our twin medical casters offer several advantages over single wheel casters. Firstly, they provide greater stability and are easier to steer around narrow corners. They are specifically designed for use on medical carts, trolleys, and hospital mobile computer carts, where smooth and noiseless rotation is crucial. To achieve this, we use three precision bearings – one for the swivel portion and two on either side of the wheels – to ensure flexible steering and low noise.

Unlike other double hospital caster suppliers who use PP/ABS frames and TPR treads, our casters are made from high-quality Polyamide 6 for the frame and wheel hub, and durable TPU for the tread. This ensures that our casters can withstand high impact and are wear-resistant. Additionally, our casters feature an anti-winding design with a seal ring inside the wheel hub to prevent dust, hair, or fabric from entering the wheel bearing and locking system.

Our twin medical casters also have a matt finish, sealed design with a white frame and grey tread, making them easy to clean and disinfect.

If you are interested in our twin medical casters please contact us freely.


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